Eurotalents Development Camp in Halmstad provides perfect training environment

Halmstad gathered eighteen players from 11 countries at the Eurotalents Development Camp U-17 I until September 6th. Camp set up with a combination of four days training and three days competition Halmstad Masters Sweden Tour tournament featuring Men’s and Women’s singles and all youth categories.

"We are very pleased with this opportunity to offer a good training camp at one of our three elite environments in Halmstad as well as strengthening the competitive nature of the event included in the Sweden Tour 2021. Hopefully we can attract young and upcoming players to train in Sweden on regular basis also in the future. I would also like to thank the coaching crew from Halmstad TTC and their first team players both men and women for providing sparring quality partners at all levels. In Swedish table tennis for the moment we have good coaching and stable clubs on the top of the food chain with special initiatives coming on the women’s side leading up to the European Championships 2023,” said Mikael ANDERSSON High Performance Director Swedish Table Tennis.

Training camp Head coaching is provided by the Swedish TTA with Men’s national team coach Jörgen PERSSON in charge of the technical training.

“It is interesting to see some of the young players . Many are playing with good techniques and perform very well in exercises. Lots of strong rallies coming which is good. However, matches are played and points scored with service and return of service as the key elements . There is always room for improvements in that area with young players,” said Jorgen .

One of the standouts during the training sessions has been the 15 year old Slovak girl  Dominika WILTSCHKOVA travelling to Halmstad accompanied by her coach Lucia COLOVICKOVA who commented on the camp in a positive way.

“In fact i know the Halmstad training environment from before as being strong on the women’s side . From that perspective this has been excellent for Dominika on her way to prepare for Europe Top 10 coming up in France. I like the fact that we have seen strong female sparring partners here in Halmstad , it has been extremely useful with the added value of playing a strong competition on top of the training sessions,” said Lucia.