Europe Youth Top-10

Kay STUMPER and Vlada VORONINA topping the list of juniors in Tours

The list of 10 players of each youth categories at the 2021 Tamanneftegas Europe Youth Top 10 in Tours is announced today. The tournament is schedules fro 15th to 17th October.

At the top of the seedeings in junior’s list is the gold medalist from the Youth European Championships held earlir this summer Kay STUMPER of Germany. The list goes on with Adrien RASSENFOSSE of Belgium, Ivor BAN of Croatia, Borgar HAUG of Norway, Darius MOVILEANU of Romania, Thibault PORET of France, Andrei Teodor ISTRATE of Romania, Csaba ANDRAS of Hungary, Maciej KUBIK of Poland and Eduard IONESCU of Romania.

In Junior Girls Event in Tours will play: Vlada VORONINA of Russia, Elena ZAHARIA of Romania, Isa COK of France, Ece HARAC of Turkey, Jamila LAURENTI of Italy, Ozge YILMAZ of Turkey, Camille LUTZ of France, Sophia KLEE of Germany, Hana ARAPOVIC of Croatia, Helga DARI of Hungary.

In Cadet Boys Event two players from Romania topping the seedings Dragos Alexandru BUJOR and Iulian CHIRITA. The seedings coes on Daniel BERZOSA of Spain, David SZANTOSI of Hungary, Ilia KONIUKHOV of Russia, Stepan BRHEL of Czech Republic, Tom CLOSSET of Belgium, Flavien COTON of France and David BJORKRYD of Sweden.

In Cadet Girls Event will Sophie EARLEY of Ireland, Dominika WILTSCHKOVA of Slovakia, Bianca MEI ROSU of Romania, Mia GRIESEL of Germany, Matilde PINTO of Portugal, Veronika MATIUNINA of Ukraine, Leana HOCHART of France,          Anastasiia IVANOVA of Russia, Jele STORTZ of Germany and Clea DE STOPPELEIRE of France.