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ITTF presidential candidate, Petra Sörling, announces manifesto with unity, growth, and sustainability as strategic pillars

ITTF presidential candidate, Mrs. Petra Sörling, has announced her manifesto that will, in cooperation with the continents, put the spotlight on creating value and growth through a membership centered governance, strengthen the movement and innovation in the commercial partnerships and with the athletes in mind drive the sustainability agenda for a prosperous future. The ITTF AGM and elections will be held in Houston, USA on November 24th.

The official manifesto is the result of many strategical discussions with the ITTF memberships combined with valuable feedback from international stakeholders, including the majority of the continental federations. The strong support for Mrs. Petra Sörling campaign is evident from all corners of the Table Tennis world with the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) President Mr. Igor Levitin leading the way with his statement: "Mrs. Petra Sörling has the complete and full backing from the ETTU membership".

– From the many discussions I've held during the six months of campaigning I strongly believe I have been able to identify the most important areas to cover in the near future, says Petra Sörling. Clearly, we must work to unite the ITTF family. It is time to bring the ITTF into the modern area and I'm ready to work hard to position our federation as one of the best in the world of sports with full focus on the people, the planet and the profit, Petra Sörling continues.

A value driven commercial growth approach will be key to building a strong organisation that will enable ITTF to be perceived as a front-runner in development and innovation. There is a need to create a solid strategic map where events and the commercial rights associated to them are the most important commercial assets.

– By evolving the structures with our member associations and athletes in mind, we will increase brand awareness, build stronger relationships with key stakeholders, and give more players the chance to participate in professional events, says Mrs. Petra Sörling.

Mrs. Petra Sörling, hailing from the vibrant city of Malmo in Sweden was elected to the ITTF Executive committee in 2009 and quickly advanced to take charge of several key areas for the 226 member strong federation such as Para Table Tennis, staff, sustainability and most importantly accepting the role as the ITTF Executive Vice President of Finance in 2013. Since the start of ITTF Foundation 2019, Mrs Sörling also holds the position as Chair of the Board of Trustees in the foundation.

The 2021 ITTF World Championships is scheduled for Houston, USA between November 22-29th. The ITTF AGM will elect the new ITTF President alongside with seven ITTF Executive committee members to serve for a period of four years on November 24th.