ETTU Congress amends Constitution to allow Executive Board members to serve on ITTF Executive Committee

The ETTU Extraordinary and ETTU Ordinary Congress took place today at the Grand Hotel Italia in Cluj's during the GAZPROM European Team Championships. Only one item was on the agenda of the Extraordinary Congress which saw the deletion of clause 5.6.5. of the ETTU Constitution which states: 'No person shall be at the same time serve as a member of the Executive Board and as a member of the ITTF Executive Committee'. The proposition to delete the clause was accepted by a majority of votes.

The proposal to amend the Constitution follows the ITTF Executive Committee's decision to approve a proposal to allow Continental Federation Presidents to be elected as full members of the ITTF Executive Committee.  As a result of these changes, an ETTU Executive Board member will be able to simultaneously serve as a member of the ITTF Executive Committee.

In accordance with clause 5.9.5 of the Constitution, the implementation date of the change to the Constitution will come into effect immediately, that is 2 October 2021.

The Ordinary Congress followed the Extraordinary Congress.

ETTU President Igor LEVITIN addressed the delegates at the opening of the Congress. He welcomed ITTF Deputy President of finance Petra SORLING and expressed support for her candidacy for ITTF President.

"I would like also to thank the Romanian Table Tennis Federation for their support and substantial work in organising the European Championships. This Championships will meet the highest standards. I am also pleased for the opportunity to discuss the difficulties we face during the pandemic and the challenges with communication with the ITTF, regarding the ranking system," stated President LEVITIN.

The President thanked the Executive Board members for their work and announced a new structure for the future.

"We had a lot discussions, some of them were not easy but all of them resulted in decisions that are useful for ETTU members."

The President thanked the Greek Table Tennis Federation for organising the POMEGRANATE Europe Top 16 Cup in very short period of time while still delivering to the highest standards.

The Congress voted in favor of the proposal that the winner, runner up and losing semi finalists of the singles event at the European Under 21 Championships would receive automatic places in the following European Individual Championships. The Congress also confirmed the Executive Board's 2019 decision that Protected Days shall be included within the ETTU Calendar; with up to 10 days to be used for Major Championships athlete preparations.

It was confirmed that the ETTU will launch a Medical and Sport Science Committee.

There were also newly appointed Honorary Members: former ETTU President Ronald KRAMER, former ETTU Vice President Dorte DARFELT and former Deputy President Ivo Goran MUNIVRANA.

Badges of Honour were presented to Marta NOVOTNA and Nicolas ENDAL as well as to Paul SCHILTZ and Frank SCHREINER.