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The Greek federation is increasing the promotion of the sport with WEB TV

The Hellenic Table Tennis Federation enhances the promotion of the sport and at the same time gives new motivations to young athletes through television on the internet. With the aim of further developing the sport, it significantly increased its material on its youtube channel (the link here ) in 2021 with live broadcasts and many many videos from all its championships both in the team as well as at the individual level. HTTV shows highlights from the contests and makes reports but also free subjects as a documentary.

With its rich material, it opens abroad as well, as in the championship of the A1 national category, stars of Europe, and not only, participate this year!

In the men's event, Olympiacos has agreed with the Tomislav PUCAR of Croatia, Alexandar SIBAEV of Russia, Joao MONTEIRO of Portugal, Panathinaikos with the Croatian Andrei GACINA,  Jakub DYJAS of Poland, Jorge CAMPOS of Cuba, Pera Athens the Thai Padasak TANVIRIYAVETSAKUL, Ifitos Patras with the Serb Aleksandar KARAKASEVIC and Rethymno with the Frenchman Paul GAUZY.

In the women, Olympiakos shows the Sweden's Li FEN, Ukraine's Margarita PESOTSKA, Hungary's Dora MANDARAS and renewed its cooperation with the Spain's Galia DVORAK and the Swede Christina KALLBERG. Panathinaikos acquired Serbia's Sabina SURJAN and Hungary's Sandra PERGEL, Poland's Anna Katarzyna GRIBOVSKA and Slovenia's Ana TOFANT, while Florina's Sarises kept France's LIU Judith, Marion BERTAU and add in the roster Paulina KRZYSIEK from Poland and  Ekaterina GUSEVA from Russia.

All these great athletes will go through the cameras of the Greek federation with their matches in the championship or in the Greek Cup.