European Championships

Record breaking 2021 GAZPROM Under 21 Championships

At the 2021 GAZPROM European Under 21 Championships in Spa, 32 medals has been won by 26 different players. That is a record for U21.

Only one player won 3 medals and that is Mariia TAILKOVA. Russia’s player won silver in singles, and bronze in Doubles and Mixed Doubles, with Elizabeta ABRAAMIAN and Vladimir SIDORENKO.

Greek player Ioannis SGOUROPOULOS is the first one to win the singles title two times, in 2019 and in 2021. In Gondomar he overcame Gerrit ENGEMANN of Germany in the final, whilst in Spa he prevailed against Maxim GREBNEV of Russia.

Annett KAUFMANN is the youngest winner of an Europeanu Under 21 Championships. Annett is born on 23rd June 2006 and now is 15 years and 5 months, 2 month younger than Pritikha PAVADE (2-8-2004) who won in March 2020.

Ozge YILMAZ and Ece Harac join HU Melek as 2nd and 3rd Turkish women with a European title ever.

Medals Table GAZPROM European Under 21 Championships 2021  
Name Assoc Gold Silver Bronze
Andrea Dragoman ROU 1   1
Adrien Rassenfosse BEL 1    
Olav Kosolosky BEL 1    
Annett Kaufmann GER 1    
Rares Sipos ROU 1    
Ozge Yilmaz TUR 1    
Ece Harac TUR 1    
Ioannis Sgouropoulos GRE 1    
Mariia Tailakova RUS   1 2
Maksim Grebnev RUS   1 1
Ivor Ban CRO   1  
Bastian Rembert FRA   1  
Isa Cok FRA   1  
Csaba Andras HUN   1  
Sabina Surjan SRB   1  
Tijana Jokic SRB   1  
Irving Bertrand FRA     2
Lev Katsman RUS     2
Maciej Kolodzieczyk AUT     1
Leili Mostavavi FRA     1
Franziska Schreiner GER     1
Vladislav Ursu MDA     1
Vladimir Sidorenko RUS     1
Elisabet Abraamian RUS     1
Tatiana Kukulkova SVK     1
Ema Labosova SVK     1
Associations   Gold Silver Bronze
GER   1   1
ROU   1   1
BEL   1    
TUR   1    
GRE   1    
RUS     1 4
FRA     1 2
CRO     1  
HUN     1  
SRB     1  
AUT       1
MDA       1
SVK       1