ETTU Executive Board meeting - November 17th

On Wednesday, November 17, ETTU Executive Board held a meeting under the leadership of the President Igor Levitin.

The President greeted the Chairwoman of the Athletes' Commission Polina Mikhailova at her first meeting.

The President informed about the problems with visa processing and vaccination requirements for the 2021 ITTF World Championship in Houston, USA, as well as that active negotiations are underway with ITTF and LOC to eliminate all difficulties in preparation for the World Championships.

The Executive Board discussed proposals and resolutions that will be discussed at the ITTF AGM on November 24.

The President went on to express his frustration regarding the improper organisation of the last two ETTU events - Youth TOP-10 in Tours, France, and U21 European Championships in Spa, Belgium. A large number of complaints were received from athletes and coaches who were dissatisfied with the level of organisation and the conditions for training and playing. The President pointed to a lack of oversight by ETTU staff responsible for ensuring that all conditions for the proper conduct of the competition are met. The President instructed to develop a package of requirements for bids for all tournaments under the auspices of ETTU with financial responsibility for non-compliance for LOC.

Also the Executive Board discussed the organisation of the TOP-16 Europe Cup 2022.

Executive Board members were informed that at the ITTF AGM on November 24, it is proposed to change the structure of the ITTF Executive Committee, related to the inclusion of Continental Presidents. Due to the fact that not all the Continental Presidents are being candidates for Executive Vice-Presidents the President decided to withdraw his candidacy for the position of ITTF Executive Vice President to ensure equal conditions for all Continental Presidents and got the full approval from all ETTU Executive Board members.

President Levitin thanked the participants for their contribution and closed the meeting.