European Championships

Adrien RASSENFOSSE and Olav KOSOLOSKY keeps Belgium's flag high

Photo: Bernard Comeliau

n Belgium's town of Spa, at the 2021 GAZPROM European Under 21 Championships, Adrien RASSENFOSSE and Olav KOSOLOSKY made host supporters proud by clinching the gold medal in the Men's Doubles Event. In the final they overcame Csaba ANDRAS of Hungary and Ivor BAN of Croatia (8:11, 13:11, 6:11, 12:10, 10:12). Bronze medalist are Maciej KOLODZIEJCZYK of Austria and Vladislav URSU of Moldova, as well as Lev KATSMAN and Maksim GREBNEV of Russia.

In the dramatic match in the final stage, it was RASSENFOSSE and KOSOLOSKY who had a better start too.

“Even in the games that we lost, the second and fourth, I did not feel we were overpowered. It was always because of small mistakes that we did. We never lost the control over the match. At the end we also proved that we have better nerves,” said KOSOLOSKY.

RASSENFOSSE added: “Even when it was 10:5 and 10:10, we felt equally confident.”

On their way to the highest step at the medal rostrum RASSENFOSSE and KOSOLOSKY faced few challenges.

“I think the hardest match, if we exclude the pressure that final brought, was when we play against Bastien REMBERT and Lilian BARDET. Our main weapon service and receive did not work on them. Also, we have very good communication among each others and it seamed that nothing was giving results there,” explained KOSOLOSKY.

Photo: Bernard Comeliau