Europe Cup Men

HABESOHN: We are here to win the Tamanneftegas Europe Cup Men's Final

The Tamanneftegas Europe Cup Men's Final in Varazdin commences on Tuesday, 12th May in Varazdin Arena where the European Under 21 Championships was held in February last year before the Covid outbreak. Top seeded German's club Post SV Mühlhausen 1951 E.V. leads at the list of 13 teams. In Varazdin also plays: TTC Enfireex Ostrava (Czech Republic), AS Pontoise Cergy (France), Top Spin Messina (Italy), SPG Walter Wels (Austria), Irun Leka Enea Marpex (Spain), CSS-SZAK Odorheiu Secuiesc (Romania), PTE Peac Kalo-Meh (Hungary), TTSC UMMC-Elem (Russia), Asisa Borges Vall (Spain), STK Libertas Marinkolor (Croatia), Top Spin Messina (Italy), SK Vydrany (Slovakia) and Solex-Consult Wiener Neustadt (Austria).

Club from Germany with international stars Daniel HABESOHN of Austria, Ovidiu IONESCU of Romania, Lubomir JANCARIK of Czech Republic as well as Germany's Steffen MENGEL stands firmly at the list of top favorites for the title.

“We finished the Bundesliga at the position no. 9 this season and here we are in the good shape. Our goal here is to win the title, but it will not come easy. Pontoise Cergy, Enfireex Ostrava and Top Spin Messina are the favorites as well. We did not have an opportunity to play against these clubs, but we know the players,” stated IONESCU.

One thing that puts extra pressure at the Europe Cup is the format of play.

“It is not any more the-home-and-away system of matches. Now, one match format offers less possibilities – no one will get another chance if they lose. “

Daniel HABESOHN played in Portugal at the European Olympic Singles Qualifications three weeks ago.

“I needed some time to put a focus on club's event after I came from Portugal. It was only the last week when I set my mind only on this competition, but I am satisfied with my shape and overall performance of the club,” explained HABESOHN. “We are here not only to participate, we are here to win the tournament.”

Austria's player also praised the adversaries at the tournament.

“There are a lot of experienced and good players here, like Patric BAUM from Pontoise. However, I think that our team has the most leveled line up, concerning quality. On all positions we have very strong players and we will have an opportunity to make variations and a lot of combinations with the draw and to choose players who has best response to the adversaries on the other side,” explained HABESOHN.

The Round one in Group stage commences tomorrow at 10 AM.