Europe Cup Men

The draw for the Tamanneftegas Europe Cup Final in Varazdin

The action at the Tamanneftegas Europe Cup Final moved from Novi Sad to Varazdin. Whilst the French Saint-Denis Us 93 still celebrating their title in Women's Event, the final preparations for the Men's Event are finished. Today, the Arena Varazdin, where all the action will be held from Wednesday to Thursday, was the venue for the draw.

In Group A top seeded club on the duty, Germany's Post SV Mühlhausen 1951 E.V. will meet Croatia's STK Libertas Marinkolor and Spain's Asisa Borges Vall.

In Group B, the leader is Fench AS Pontoise Cergy and they will be challenged by Italy's Top Spin Messina and Slovakia's SK Vydrany.

In Group C are Spanish Irun Leka Enea Marpex, Austria's SPG Walter Wels and Hungary's PTE Peac Kalo-Meh.

In Group D are Czech Republic's TTC Enfireex Ostrava, Austria's Solex-Consult Wiener Neustadt, Romania's CSS-SZAK Odorheiu Secuiescand Russia's TTSC UMMC-Elem.


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