Europe Cup Men

AS Pontoise Cergy clinched the title at the Tamanneftegas Europe Cup Men's Final

French AS Pontoise Cergy is the winner of the Tamanneftegas Europe Cup Men's Final in Varazdin. In the ultimate stage they overcame Austria's SPG Walter Wels in four matches. It is the third title for the club after they recorded victories in 2016 and 2014.

In the final Quentin ROBINOT had a difficult task to set the pace of the match. Against Croatia's Frane KOJIC it was very hard to achieve that goal. In close two opening games the control went from one side of the table to another, but from the third game it was French player who held the grip tighter.

The pressure hit the roof when Andreas LEVENKO met Patrick BAUM. Garmany's player had advantage, LEVENKO levelled, then they went through the same routine again and in the decisive game BAUM had 4:1, before he lost by sudden death point 6:5.

After two close games that went on Adrien MATTENET's account, Adam SZUDI took the third by storm, and in the close fourth game he nullified the gap. That pushed the match into the fifth game once again, but this time SZUDI had 5:2 lead and MATTENET emerged victoriusly.

Patrick BAUM sealed the match in the duel against KOJIC.

On their way to the title French club overcame Post SV Mühlhausen 1951 E.V, Asisa Borges Vall, SK Vydrany and Top Spin Messina Fontalba.

Before they stublle on the last hurdle SPG Walter Wels also beat all the adversaries Top Spin Messina Fontalba, TTC Enfireex Ostrava, Irun Leka Enea Marpex and PTE Peac Kalo-Meh.

In the semi final, AS Pontoise Cergy was the first to finish the match against Post SV Mühlhausen 1951 E.V. Quentin ROBINOT set the pace of the duel with fantastic win over Daniel HABESOHN and Patrick BAUM followed his rhythm.

“We did not expect that we will win. Germany's club was the favorit. It gave us space to play without the pressure. The key to success was my quick win in straight games against HABESOHN in the opening match. It gave the tone of the match and moved the duel into our direction. Of course Patric showed outstanding performance and won two matches,” explained ROBINOT.

Other semi final was straight matches affair, but all three duels in the match between SPG Walter Wels and Top Spin Messina Fontalba concluded in nail-biting fifth game.

“It was the match for the heart attack. I am still trying to come down. The key was good preparation for the match: tactically and mentally. We are in Varazdin from Monday, we “scanned” every adversary, study the game and talk about every tiny detail. Unfortunately, we suffered from the unexpected defeat in Austria's Bundesliga. We will not be able to win the title this year after the loss against Salzburg, so we put all our hopes into Europe Cup. We have to justify the trust our club has in us and we have to win here,”explained Frane KOJIC.

SPG Walter Wels - AS Pontoise Cergy 1:3
Frane KOJIC – Quentin ROBINOT 1:3 (10:12, 12:10, 9:11, 7:11)
Andreas LEVENKO – Patrick BAUM 3:2 (10:12, 11:5, 5:11, 11:9, 6:5)
Adam SZUDI – Adrien MATTENET (12:14, 10:12, 11:3, 12:10, 5:6)
Frane KOJIC – Patrick BAUM 0:3 (7:11, 7:11, 9:11)

Semi finals

Post SV Mühlhausen 1951 E.V. - AS Pontoise Cergy 1:3
Daniel HABESOHN – Quentin ROBINOT 0:3 (7:11, 6:11, 9:11)
Steffan MENGEL – Patric BAUM 2:3 (9:11, 7:11, 11:5, 14:12, 5:6)
Ovidiu IONESCU – Adrien MATTENET 3:0 (11:7, 11:6, 11:9)
Daniel HABESOHN - Patric BAUM 1:3 (11:6, 3:11, 10:12, 4:11)

SPG Walter Wels - Top Spin Messina Fontalba 3:0
Frane KOJIC – Andrea LANDRIEU 3:2 (14:12, 6:11, 11:5, 8:11, 6:0)
Andreas LEVENKO – Joao MONTEIRO 3:2 (6:11, 6:11, 11:5, 15:13, 6:5)
Adam SZUDI – Jordi PICCOLIN 3:2 (11:9, 8:11, 8:11, 11:9, 6:4)