Europe Cup Men

Post SV Mühlhausen 1951 e.V. showed no mercy, TTC Enfireex Ostrava won the thriller

On the second day of play at the Tamanneftegas Europe Cup Men's Final in Varazdin the final standings in three out of four groups are known. In Group A top two teams are Post SV Mühlhausen 1951 e.V. and Asisa Borges Vall, in Group B AS Pontoise Cergy emerged at the top followed by Top Spin Messina Fontalba; in D Solex-Consult Wiener Neustad and TTC Enfireex Ostrava are on the positions one and two. There is one match to be played tomorrow in Group C.

In the morning program, with the second win in the group A, Germany's Post SV Mühlhausen 1951 e.V. moved to the quarterfinal . They overcame Asisa Borges Vall yesterday, and Stk Libertas Marinkolor was next in line to suffer against the top favorites.

“We reached our first goal and from now on it will become more difficult. We have some time to rest and to wait for knock out round adversaries,” said Daniel HABESOHN after morning victory.

Group A
Stk Libertas Marinkolor - Post SV Mühlhausen 1951 e.V. 0:3
Filip CIPIN – Daniel HABESOHN 0:3 (6:11, 7:11, 8:11)
Miho SIMOVIC – Steffen MENGEL 1:3 (11:8, 6:11, 10:12, 8:11)
Tomislav JAPEC – Ovidiu IONESCU 1:3 (11:8, 9:11, 7:11, 10:12)

AS Pontoise Cergy overcame Top Spin Messina Fontalba on their way to the knock out stage. The duel between Andrea LANDRIEU and Quentin ROBINOT, that started as one way street, continued with the remarkable change of direction and ended with fifth game victory for LANDRIEU. Joao MONTEIRO could not follow that pace against Patric BAUM and French side leveled, but in the next match we saw another turn - over after the late start. Adrien MATTENET was two games to null in reverse, before he recovered to win over Enrico RECH DALDOSSO.

The fourth match went full distance again, but LANDRIEU was not able to find the way to halt BAUM.

Group B
Top Spin Messina Fontalba - AS Pontoise Cergy 1:3 
Andrea LANDRIEU – Quentin ROBINOT 3:2 (6:11, 8:11, 11:5, 11:7, 6:3)
Joao MONTEIRO - Patric BAUM 0:3 (6:11, 16:18, 5:11)
Enrico RECH DALDOSSO – Adrien MATTENET 2:3 (11:4, 11:7, 5:11, 9:11, 3:6)
Andrea LANDRIEU – Patric BAUM 2:3 (12:10, 9:11, 11:7, 4:11, 2:6)

After yesterday's defeat against PTE Peac Kalo-Meh, Leka Enea TDM failed to produce the game that will leave the club in the run for the knock out phase. In Group C, SPG Walter Wels will play against Hungarian club for the top position at the standings after their win over the Spanish side.

Group C
SPG Walter Wels – Leka Enea TDM 3:0
Frane KOJIC – Oriol MONZO 3:0 (11:8, 11:5, 11:9)
Andreas LEVENKO- Endika DIEZ 3:1 (6:11, 11:9, 11:6, 11:5)
Adam SZUDI – Hodei MANCHA 3:0 (11:0, 11:9, 11:8)

In Group D Solex-Consult Wiener Neustadt secured the top position after third win in Varazdin over CSS-SZAK Odorheiu Secuiesc. Previously they overcame TTC Enfireex Ostrava and TTSC UMMC-ELEM.

“We recorded three straight matches wins, but none of the came easy. Against Russia's UMMC-ELEM I was stretched to full distance in the match against PAIKOV, from Ostrava, Peter KORBEL also put pressure on WETZEL... We were challenged and it could easily goes other way; it was much harder than the results predict,” said Andy PEREIRA.

Group D
Solex-Consult Wiener Neustadt - CSS-SZAK Odorheiu Secuiesc 3:0
Felix WETZEL - Szilard GYORGY 3:1 (11:9, 5:11, 11:6, 11:9)
Andy PEREIRA - Sebastian LOSO 3:0 (11:9, 11:4, 11:8)
Tomas KONECNY - Kristian CERVIK 3:0 (11:6, 11:9, 11:7)

In direct clash for the second position in Group D TTC Enfireex Ostrava and TTSC UMMC-ELEM kept us at the edge of the seats in duel that finished with the victory of Czech team. In three matches, all three players Felipe OLIVARES, Petr KORBEL and Jakub KLEPRLIK were down in decisive game and all three times they won by sudden death point.

“I am very long in the table tennis, but I never played match like this. Three times we were down 5:1, 5:3 and 5:2 and we recovered to win. It was incredible and that is the beauty of table tennis,” said KORBEL.

Group D
TTC Enfireex Ostrava - TTSC UMMC-ELEM 3:1
Jakub KLEPRLIK – Danila TRIVAN 1:3 (13:11, 7:11, 5:11, 6:11)
Felipe OLIVARES – Mikhail PAIKOV 3:2 (4:11, 11:8, 9:11, 12:10, 6:5)
Petr KORBEL – Anton KOTOV 3:2 (11:7, 11:6, 5:11, 9:11, 6:5)
Jakub KLEPRLIK – Mikhail PAIKOV 3:2 (11:7, 11:8, 8:11, 11:13, 6:5)

For a first time Italy's Top Spin Messina Fontalba reached the quarterfinal of the Europe Cup.

“It was difficult day for us. We commenced with the defeat, but managed to finish in good style. It is very important win and good result for our club,” said Joao MONTEIRO.

Group B
SK Vydrany - Top Spin Messina Fontalba 0:3
Samuel NOVOTA – Joao MONTEIRO 0:3 (4:11, 4:11, 10:12)
Peter SEREDA – Andrea LANDRIEU 1:3 (8:11, 4:11, 11:4, 7:11)
Zoltan LELKES – Jordy PICCOLIN 0:3 (9:11, 6:11, 5:11)

Asisa Borges Vall equalled the result from 2016 when they reached the quarterfinal. In Varazdin they overcame STK Libertas Marinkolor in the Group Stage.

“We reached our goal after two very good matches. Despite the defeat in the opening Round we showed good performance against the team from Bundesliga and we are satisfied. Now, when we passed the Group, we will play without pressure,” said Marc DURAN.

Group A
Asisa Borges Vall - STK Libertas Marinkolor 3:1
Marc DURAN – Miho SIMOVIC 3:1 (11:4, 11:9, 9:11, 11:4)
Joan MASIP – Filip CIPIN 3:0 (12:10, 11:5, 11:9)
Albert VILARDELL – Tomislav JAPEC 0:3 (4:11, 8:11, 13:15)
Marc DURAN – Filip CIPIN 3:1 (11:6, 10:12, 11:6, 11:1)