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Inga NAVICKIENĖ re- elected President of the Lithuanian Table Tennis Association

The Lithuanian Table Tennis Association held an elective General Assembly with 26 members with the right to vote taking part. There was one candidate for the position of the President - Inga NAVICKIENĖ. 25 members voted in favor, 1 abstained. NAVICKIENĖ was re-elected by a majority of votes.

Evaldas SKYRIUS and Žygimantas MALECKAS were elected Vice-Presidents. Justė MAŽEIKIENĖ was re-elected Secretary General. Viktor FRIZEL was elected chair of the board of coaches. There were two candidates for the position of the Chairman of the Chamber of Judges: Šarūnas STANKEVIČIUS and Gediminas GÉPECKAS. A secret ballot was held, after which it became clear that the two candidates had received the same number of votes. The statutes of the LSTA provide that in such cases the president has the deciding vote. NAVICKIENĖ chose table tennis judge. There were 8 candidates for the members of the Executive Board. It was decided to vote by secret ballot and the following candidates were elected: Aurelija KYBARTAITĖ, Lina SABALIAUSKIENĖ, Gabrielė MATUKAITYTĖ - KLIMIENĖ, Matas SKUČAS, Matas VILKAS.

The chairman of the Legal and Ethics Commission is Paulius GŪRA, other members of the commission are: Auksė GECEVIČIŪTĖ and Monika MAZUR. Ingrida MAKNEVIČIENĖ, President of Jonava Table Tennis Club, has been elected the Chairperson of the Audit Commission, and Lorenas VISMANTAS (coach of Akmenė SC) and Eugenijus JAFIMOVAS (President of the Lithuanian Veterans' Union) will work with the Board.

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