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Historic gold for Dekorglass Działdowo in Poland

In the final of the LOTTO Superliga in Gdańsk, the team led by the playing coach Jiri VRABLIK won the title in the match against Dartom Bogoria Grodzisk Mazowiecki 3: 1. Something that Dekorglass Działdowo did not manage in 2016 and 2019, they did in 2021.

The final started with a won by Pavel SIRUCEK in the match against Jakub DYJAS. The most exciting was the third game, in which Kuba DYJAS missed a few game balls, and the Czech representative had one chance. Ultimately, the Pole won 16:14, before he finished the match 3:1.

In the Training Center of the Polish Table Tennis Association in the venue “Andrzej GRUBBY”, the next two matches ended after 5 games, Panagiotis GIONIS defeated Andrej GACINA. At 1-1 draw, Jiri VRABLIK won against 15-year-old Miłosz REDZIMSKI.

Jakub DYJAS and Panagiotis GIONIS met in the last single. A few weeks ago, the Greek was better in a match of the Championship group 2:1. Now he won the opening game, but in the next two Jakub DYJAS showed incredible character.


Dekorglass Działdowo - Dartom Bogoria Grodzisk Mazowiecki 3: 1

Jakub DYJAS - Pavel SIRUCEK 3:1 (-8, 8, 14, 8)

Andrej GACINA - Panagiotis GIONIS 2:3 (9, -6, -5, 3, -5)

Jiri VRABLIK - Miłosz REDZIMSKI 3:2 (11, -6, 2, -9, 7)

DYJAS - GIONIS 2:1 (-8, 6, 9)