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Another title for KTS Enea Siarkopol Tarnobrzeg

KTS Enea Siarkopol Tarnobrzeg defended the Polish Champion title and for last 31 years the club reached the top position at the medal rostrum for the 30th time. In the final they overcame team Wrocław with Natalia BAJOR and Anna and Katarzyna WĘGRZYN twins.

“We are very happy because of the "jubilee title” said Zbigniew NĘCEK who started to work in Tarnobrzeg in 1987. "It was strange season for everyone, we focused on Polish League this year but we believe we will participate in Champions League in the future in normal, non pandemic conditions. This historical title was possible only thanks to great atmosphere in our team - our stars: HAN Ying, Elizabeta SAMARA and Viktoria PAVLOVICH worked together perfectly, always helped each other as well as the rest of the team. They are individuals but work great as a one team which had the one goal. I am thankful to them for such good atmosphere and wonderful season. Last 31 years was not an easy time, I had to win many battles; my team survived bad times, but for players who were a part of the team sport goal was always on the first place. Even in toughest economical moments we played for the biggest trophies”.

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