Meeting of the Executive Board on March 6, 2021

On Saturday, March 6, a meeting of the ETTU Executive Board was held under the leadership of President Igor Levitin.
Deputy President Pedro Moura informed the Board that the new Continental Agreement, WTT and World Ranking will be among the topics to be discussed at the upcoming meeting with ITTF representatives in Doha.
The Executive Board approved ETTU's rebranding program as well as agreed on a new logo design.
Vice President Vladimir Samsonov announced the recent joint meeting of the Champions League (men's and women's) board, at which possible structures for the 2021-2022 Champions League were presented.  All participating clubs will be invited to leave their comments.
It was noted that the final rounds of the European Cup will be held on May 6-9 (women) and May 12-15 (men).
Vice President Heike Alert provided further details and requirements for the upcoming European tour.
The Executive Committee agreed to continue participating in the 3rd European Games in 2023 and to request an increase in the quota for athletes in favour of team competition.
Vice President Ina Jozepson said the Wales Table Tennis Association was reluctant to abandon the 2022 European Veterans Championship due to the uncertainty surrounding the Covid pandemic.  The reluctance of the Welsh government to allow major events until the end of 2022 was noted.  The Executive Board and the Organising Committee agreed that it would be difficult to conduct the event in Cardiff in 2022 successfully and safely.  A tender procedure will be opened to find a new organiser.
Due to the Covid situation in both Portugal and Croatia, requests to change the venue for the qualifying competitions of the European Olympic Games Singles and the European Youth Championship have been accepted.
The first event will be held in Guimaraes and the youth championship in Varaždin;  in recent years, both cities have hosted ETTU events.
Following the appointment of Beatrice Romanescu as ETTU Marketing Manager and her resignation from the Gender Equality Committee, it was decided to appoint Ines Louro (Portugal) as the new Committee Chair and Johanna Grech (Malta) as Vice Chair.
President Levitin congratulated all the women of the ETTU family on International Women's Day on Monday 8 March and thanked the members of the Executive Board for their contribution to the meeting and cooperation.


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