President and Deputy President met with ITTF and WTT

Following the decision of the ETTU Executive Board, on March 13, the President and Deputy President met with ITTF and WTT to discuss, and negotiate solutions for issues raised by a number of European National Associations with the ETTU Executive Board. These issues could only be resolved at the ETTU and ITTF Executive Committee level (the sport's supreme bodies). 

Specifically, from the ETTU side, it was raised the question about the rating process (the procedure for awarding points) and the events calendar. 

The European National Associations' proposals and recommendations were all delivered, and on a number of questions we received positive answers. Resolution of some other issues will require a decision of the ITTF Executive Committee.  

Separately, we raised the issue regarding European players who will not be able to visit the hub in China due to COVID-19 protocols.  

For such athletes ETTU is planning to organize some tournaments in May and June where WTT and ITTF were invited as partners. 

On the same day, negotiations on the Master Continental Agreement for 2021 were held. 

In general, all the remarks and comments were taken into consideration and approved in the agreement apart from the financial aspect of the second half of the year, which relates to the Olympic Games and World Championships. 

The results of the negotiations will be considered and approved at the next meeting of the Executive Board in March. 

We would like to thank the European National Associations for all their active input received ahead of these meetings and negotiations. All their proposals, comments and recommendations were brought to the attention of the members of the ITTF and WTT executive committees. 



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