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Zagreb Open invites players on their 10th edition of the tournament

Applications for the International Table Tennis Tournament Zagreb Open, have started. This year's tournament marks its tenth edition, and will be held at the hall Dom Sportova on June 17 and 18, 2021. The tournamnet shall be open for entry to all member Associations who have the right to participate in international events.

As last year, a prize money was provided for the best, so the winners in the men's and women's competition will receive 1,000 euros each, the runner ups 500 euros, and the third-place finisher 250 euros each. The best in the under-21 competition will win 500 euros, and the runner-up 250 euros.

The tournament will be played under strict epidemiological measures, the temperature will be measured at each entrance to the hall, and players will be tested at the expense of HSTS by rapid antigen tests.

Last year, the title was taken by Vladimir SAMSONOV, and confirmation is still pending whether the legendary Belarus will play this year as well, while in the women's competition, the title is defended by Croatian Petra PETEK. Croatian junior Ivor BAN and Romanian Tania PLAIAN won the title in the under-21 competition last year.

You can get more information on the website of the Croatian Table Tennis Association or by e-mail hsts@zg.t-com-hr or

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