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The eighth title in National Championships for Dr. Časl

Dr. ČASL defended the title in Croatian national championships. On their way to the sixth consecutive title, the eighth in total, the team from Zagreb achieved a maximum of 20 victories. The title was won by Ivana TUBIKANEC, Dorina SREBRNJAK, Svetlana MOHNAČEVA, Mirela ĐURAK BLAŽIČEVIĆ and NI Xia Lian, and was led by coach Luka VRANČIĆ.

In 12 seasons, this is their 21 titles in men's and women's competition. They won a total of 13 championship titles, 4 Croatian Cups, the Champions League and the Mediterranean Cup, as well as two Central European Super League titles.

Rank: Dr. Časl 40 (20-0), Aquaestil 37 (17-3), TIS 37 (17-3), Varaždin 32 (12-8), Mladost 31 (11-9), Malinska Dubašnica 28 (8- 12), Vrsar 28 (-1) (9-11), Pula 27 (7-13), Bjelovar 26 (6-14), Starr 23 (3-17), Crikvenica 20 (0-20).

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