European Youth Championships

The draw for the 2021 GAZPROM European Youth Championships in Varazdin

The Draw for the Teams Under 19 and Under 15 Events at the 2021 GAZPROM European Youth Championships was held in Warsaw during the LIEBHERR ITTF European Championships. After one year break the Championships will take place in Varazdin this year, but it will be split in two parts.

 The 2021 GAZPROM European Youth Championships will commence with the Under 19 events from 19th to 24th July and then the Under 15 Event will take place from 27th July to 2nd August.

In the Under 19 events at the top of the Groups are Belgium, Russia, Germany and Poland. In Group A, last year's semifinalists Belgium will play against Italy, Hungary and Spain. Reigning champions, Russia is in Group B with Czech Republic, Portugal and Turkey. Bronze medal winners from Ostrava 2019, Germany is in Group C with Slovakia, France and Serbia. Poland, who played in the quarterfinal last year, is with Croatia, Denmark and Sweden.

In Under 19 Girls Teams Event, silver medalists from Ostrava, Russia is at the top of the group a with Czech Republic, Sweden and Netherlands. Romania's team is at the top of the Group B with Belarus, Ukraine and Slovenia. In Group C France with be challenged by Turkey, Serbia and Norway. Last time's winners Germany are in Group D with Italy, Hungary and Poland.

In second part of the Championships, in Under 15 Team's Event Boys in Group A are Romania, Sweden, Croatia and Portugal. In Group B are France, Spain, Belgium and Ukraine. In Group C are Czech Republic, Russia, Germany and Italy. In Group D are Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Netherlands.

In Under 15 Girls Teams Event in Group A are Germany, Portugal, Hungary and Sweden. In Group B Belarus, Ukraine, Croatia and Greece, In group C Russia, Romania, Poland and Turkey and in Group D Slovakia, France, Czech republic and Belgium.