European Youth Championships

Mixed doubles medals already secured in Varazdin

The 12th day at the GAZPROM European Youth Championships in Varazdin was packed with the action in all Singles and Doubles Events in Under 15 category. On 16 tables were played 13 rounds in all 5 remained events. In the Mixed Doubles the pairings who will stand at the medal rostrum are already known.

In the quarterfinal of the Mixed Doubles event Martin SIP of Czech Republic and Veronika MATIUNINA of Ukraine overcame Luis KRAUS and Mia GRIESEL of Germany in straight games to secure the medal (9, 6, 6). Lleyton ULLMANN and Annett KAUFMANN beat French pairings Felix LEBRUN and Clea DE STOPPELEIRE (10, 9, -7, 5) to make sure Germany will have the representative at the medal rostrum. Iulian CHIRITA and Bianca MEI ROSU of Romania lost to Milosz REDZIMSKI and Wiktoria WROBEL of Poland (8, -8, 7, 11). Nikon SHUTOV and Veranika VARABYOVA of Belarus overcame Antoine Jean Christian NOIRAULT and Agathe Anne AVEZOU of France (7, -7, -4, 8,5) to join them.

In Under 15 Boys Singles Event Round of 128 and 64 were on schedule. Top favorites were safe from unexpected defeats. Iulian CHRITA of Romania reached the Round of 32 after straight games win over Bator RADNEV of Russia (5, 2, 4, 7).No. 4 seed Daniel BERZOSA of Spain needed one game more to overcame Norway's Khai Noah LAM (8, 5, 3, -8, 4). No. two seed at the bottom half of the draw Felix LEBRUN of France overcame Ivan KAHN of Netherlands (2, 4, 3,8)

The competition in the Under 15 Girls Singles event reached the Round of 32. In the Third Round top seeded Anna HURSEY of Wales played six games before she overcame Tanya MISCONI of Netherlands (-7, 5, 2, -6, 12, 5), but no. two seed Anett KAUFMANN succeed in four games against Mariona MUNNE of Spain (7, 8, 8, 2). Veranika VARABYOVA of Belarus is also safely through with 4:0 win over Busra DEMIR of Turkey (3, 6, 12, 5), as well as Sophie EARLEY of Ireland, no 4 seed. She beat Ioana BAISU of Romania (8, 6, 4, 9).

Host nation representative Sena SMAILJI forced Greek player Lemonia GKAINTATZI to gio full distance but failed to reach the next round (9, -6, 9, 5, -8, -9, 8). Alice NILSSON of Sweden also played full seven games match before she overcame Enisa SADIKOVIC of Luxembourg (-10, 6, -8, 9, 6, -7, 6).

In the Round three of the Under 15 Girls Doubles Event, Nina DAROVCOVA and Michaela BITOOVA were in charge for the biggest upset. Slovakia's pairings overcame third seeds Veranika VARABYOVA and Ulyana MIASHCHANSKAYA of Belarus (-8, -9, 8, 7, 6).

Top seeds, Anna HURSEY of Wales and Matilde PINTO of Portugal are safely through to the Round of 16 after victory over Alice NILSSON and Josephina FRED of Sweden (9, 9, 7). In the lower half of the draw, Germany's Annett KAUFMANN and Romania's Bianca MEI ROSU joined them after victory over Bulgaria's Sidelya MULTU and Viktori PERSOVA (6, 6, 8).

In Round of 32 in Under 15 Boys Doubles, top seeded pairings Dragos Alexandru BUJOR and Iulian CHIRITA of Romania overcame Markkos PUKK and Pert LEHTLAAN of Estonia (10, 6, 5). Felix LEBRUN and Flavien COTON of France, still fresh from the Team's title, easily prevailed against Stefan DIMITROV and Yoan VELICHKOV of Bulgaria (7, 6, 7).