European Youth Championships

Kay STUMPER ended the Under 19 Boys Singles Event victoriously

In the fantastic finish Kay STUMPER of Germany clinched the title at the Under 19 Boys Singles Event at the GAZPROM European Youth Championships in Varazdin. In the final he overcame Samuel KULCZYCKI of Poland (11:8, 5:11, 11:7, 12:10, 9:11, 11:9). The silver medalists are Ivor BAN of Croatia and Alexis LEBRUN of France.

“I knew I could beat him, because I already did it at the Europe Top 10 in the match for gold medal. I proved I am mentally strong, because I was down in the last game, but managed to recover. He was playing good and destroyed my rhythm before I came back to win,” said STUMPER.

Kay STUMPER secured the place in the final after victory over Ivor BAN of Croatia (7, -12, -7, 6, 6).

“In last two months we met two times in Portugal and Tunisia, and in both occasions it was very close duel. I was stretched to full distance, but it was because I had a bad start. I was down and I had to fight hard to return into the match. This time I played very well from the beginning. I was better prepared for the service and I attacked from the first ball,” said STUMPER.

Samuel KULCZYCKI beat Alexis LEBRUN (-9, 13, 9, -5, 3, 4) in the penultimate stage.

“I lost to him here in the Team's Event 2:3. This one was also tough, until 2:2 it was open match and could go in any direction, but then I won easily closing games. I watched so many times the match from two days ago and I learned my lesson well,” said KULCZYCKI.

In the quarterfinal Kay STUMPER beat Damir AKHMETSAFIN of Russia (-5, 7, 8, 8, 6).

“It was another very difficult match. I was down 0:1 and 6:2, when my adversary made one service error. From that moment I have started to play much better, it was the turning point. I had very good tactics and I was back in the the match in full speed,” explained Kay.

Ivor BAN overcame Maciej KUBIK of Poland (11, 7, -10, 6, 9).

“It was a very difficult match. I dominated in the first three games I had a full control, but after 2:0 and 10: 6 everything got complicated. KUBIK came in at 10:10 and won that game at 12:10. I decided that I would play calmly until the end of the match; I promised myself I would not get frustrated,” said BAN.

Samuel KULCZYCKI faced opposite faith comparing to his teammate. He beat Csaba ANDRAS of Hungary (-7, 5, 7, 3, 5).

“I lost the opening game, but after that I started to play really well. It is amasing how I played some balls. I am very happy with the victory,” said KULCZYCKI.

Alexis LEBRUN completed the list of semifinalists after his victory over Darius MOVILEANU of Romania (-8, 3, -10, 10, 11, 9).

“I am very happy to win this match because it was very, very difficult for me. I do not like Darius' serves. At crucial moments of the match, I was a little nervous. I had advantage 10: 7 in one game and then lost. After that it was hard for me to finish the match, but I tried to keep my head up, and I made it,” said LEBRUN.