Europe Top-16 Cup

Hellenic Table Tennis Federation awarded hosting rights to 2021 Europe Top 16 Cup

The European Table Tennis Union Executive Board is pleased to award the hosting rights of the 2021 Europe Top 16 Cup to the Hellenic Table Tennis Federation with the competition to be played on 18-19 September 2021 in the city of Thessaloniki GRE.

The ETTU Secretary General will invite – no later than 7 weeks before the start of the competition – the eligible and reserve players for each event based on the last available European Ranking List.

In each event the following players shall be invited:

a) the current European Champion

b) the top 14 players from the last available European Ranking List excluding the current European Champion, or top 15 players if a host Association player qualifies.

c) if no players qualify from the host Association then the host Association shall nominate one host Association player.

There shall be no more than 2 players from an Association in each event. The first reserve man and woman player may be asked to be present.

The draw will take place the day before the start of the tournament.

Trophies for the winners of the men's and women's events were donated in memory of World Champions Richard Bergmann and Trude Pritzi,  respectively.

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