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The Netherlands Table Tennis Association set a new date for National Championships

Netherlands and Ireland were not able to organise the National Championships in scheduled date.

Due to the current lockdown in the Netherlands the Table Tennis Association moved the tournament to June 12th and 13th. It will be probably even then without spectators and side-events.

All competitions are on hold at the moment, even our highest level of competition. In NTTA think that they will not be able to continue until after the summer, maybe only to finish their top league (Eredivisie).

In Ireland is similar situation.

"We are currently under level 5 restrictions due to the high numbers of Covid 19 cases within Ireland. From levels 3 to 5, we are not permitted to hold national training camps or competitions. We are only permitted to make such arrangements when we are in levels 1 or 2 with restricted numbers indoors. At this moment, we do not know when we shall return to these levels," said General Manager John McKENNA.

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