Record broken once again

ETTU Development Webinar 2021 - 2:


Another online activity of 2021, 2021 ETTU Development Webinar - 2 took place today with a new record set again; 175 participants from 42 National Associations.

The webinar’s subject has been “Professional coaching in Table Tennis - Find out and discuss how to do it” and the lecturer from Germany is a familir name for European Table Tennis community - Jörg BITZIGEIO. ETTU Development Manager Prof. Neven Cegnar and ETTU Development Webinar Officer Samet POLAT has been the activity project management team.

The session has begun with an opening speech, and then BITZIGEIO has made a brilliant presentation. Then, “Question and Answer” part has taken place. It has been proved clearly during the activity that European Table Tennis community is always eager to improve and develop for our sport.

ETTU Development Manager CEGNAR said, “Great presentation with a combination of theoretical presentation of all elements that are an integral part of professional coaching of the players, as well as an excellent selection of practical and interesting situations. I would especially like to point out one "line" from the introductory part of Bitzi's webinar, emphasizing that professional coaching is a continuous process that never ends, but is upgraded, refined and improved throughout the coaching career. I am grateful to Jorg BITZIGEIO for the effort and quality of his presentation. Many thanks also to my collaborator in the implementation of this webinar, Samet POLAT.”

ETTU Development Officer POLAT added, “We are very glad to see a great feedback from all over Europe. It gives a smile on our face, when we see a participant-record each time for ETTU Webinar works. This work is a clear sign of that European Table Tennis community has a strong passion for table tennis; Europe wants to improve and develop more and keep working no matter what conditions are. We are proud to make a brilliant activity like this, so I’d like to thank ETTU President LEVITIN and also to wish him happy birthday. Thanks to ETTU Executive Board and our great lecturer Jörg BITZIGEIO.”

BITZIGEIO added “It was an honour for me to have had this opportunity provided by ETTU, here especially by Neven und Samet, to share my vision, opinion and experience on this important topic with my colleagues from so many different countries. Being a trainer and/or coach is an interesting, but also challenging profession for which participating in education, exchanging knowledge and expertise same as discussing together our passion is the key to grow as a coach and with this to be prepared even better to teach and coach our players successfully.”

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