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President Joe BIDEN asks Anna HURSEY, 14, for climate advice

The BBC News published the story about Anna HURSEY who was contacted by President Joe BIDEN.

“One of Wales' most talented young sports stars has been advising the new US president on halting climate change. Joe BIDEN emailed Anna HURSEY,14, from Cardiff, who is a United Nations champion for climate change in sport.

Anna made history as the youngest-ever athlete to compete in the Commonwealth Games in 2018, aged only 11.

And she has now sent her most important message to Mr BIDEN - that we all can take steps to help the world reach zero carbon emissions.

President Biden has put climate change at the top of his agenda and on 22 April's Earth Day, he will host a summit of world leaders.

On him getting in touch Anna, who will be bidding for medals at next year's Commonwealth Games and the 2024 Paris Olympics, said: "I was really surprised, I thought it was an amazing opportunity.

"His new agenda for climate change is bold, to achieve zero emissions in America by 2050 is incredible, so he's doing a lot already."

Anna said everyone can do more to protect the planet - a message she is keen to give to the new president.

"There are some really simple things we can do, cycling instead of using the car, using less plastic," she said.”


You can read the whole story here.




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