ETTU Executive Board was held virtually on Tuesday 21st December under the leadership of President Levitin

On Tuesday 21st December a meeting of the ETTU Executive Board was held virtually under the leadership of President Igor Levitin.

The President congratulated the new ITTF President Petra Sorling on her appointment. He also expressed his pleasure that many propositions and resolutions to the ITTF AGM and Board of Directors, which had been discussed within the Executive Board prior to the Houston meetings, had been supported and passed.

The Executive Board received updates on the projected 2021 financial result and the detailed and revised 2022 budget.

The President outlined the plans for new staff structure commencing in 2022.

The Executive Board received reports from the Competitions, Development and Marketing Managers on the 2021 activities together with their plans for 2022. The President thanked the Managers for completing a successful programme of events and development activities and for strengthening our marketing activity during a difficult year.

As a result of the work done by the ETTU staff in 2021 it was agreed to proceed with paying bonuses to staff for 2021.

An update on the European Ranking was received and discussion continued on its implementation.

The Executive Board also thanked all ETTU sponsors for the support of our athletes and financing all anti-Covid measures at all our events that we delivered in 2021.

President Levitin said that ETTU had fulfilled all its stated obligations to Associations and athletes within 2021, thanked members for their support during his first full year in office, thanked members and staff for their contributions to the meeting and sent them Christmas greetings, and closed the meeting.