Be part of the table tennis world and it strengthens your personality

ETTU Umpires and Referees Committee organised a webinar for all interested female match officials but also women interested in officiating in table tennis in general. 65 participants from 26 countries attended the webinar and even China, Singapore and Iran was present.

The panelists Ina JOZEPSONE, Rebecca BERGFELDT, Kerstin DUCHATZ and Elena SEMENOVA, who have achieved the highest level of officiating, informed about their career, their experiences and challenges.

Isabelle BEUMIER guided through the webinar and a lot of ideas have been collected. It was highlighted that being a match official in our sport doesn’t only allow us to be part of the international table tennis world but also to enhance the own personality and confidence.

“As match official you belong to a team and you will have a lot of international friends all around the world. All these motivating factors are helping to overcome challenges like time management with family and kids or financial burden such as travel costs” stated BEUMIER.

Campaigns and role models like the panelists can be a factor for attracting more female match officials.

If you are interested in officiating or you have questions, you can always contact ETTU Umpires and Referees Committee.