European Championships

England, Greece, Slovenia and Finland booked their places for Cluj

On the second day of play at the Gazprom 2021 European Teams Championships Qualification Stage 1- B groups in Belgrade four, out of 11 tickets on offer, are already booked. In Men’s Event Finland secured the their place in Cluj this September, whilst England, Greece and Slovenia succeeded in the Women’s Event.

Finland’s Benedek OLAH, Samuli SOINE and Alex NAUMI beat Norway but lost against Hungary. Hungary’s Adam SZUDI, Patrik JUHASZ and Nandor ECSEKI failed to overcame Norway and lost the top place by matches ratio.

In Group A in Women’s Event Greece’s Aikaterini TOLIOU, Elisavet TERPOU, Konstantina PARIDI and Malamatenia PAPADIMITRIOU beat both, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina. England’s Kelly SIBLEY, Emily BOLTON, Tin-Tin HO, Denise PAYET and Maria TSAPTSINOS overcame Lithuania and Finland. Slovenia’s Lara OPEKA, Lea PAULIN, Katarina STRAZAR and Ana TOFANT beat Estonia and Faroe Islands and lost to Wales. Wales suffered defeat by the hands of Estonian players.


Italy, Netherlands and Croatia joined the qualifiers

Three more teams joined the qualifiers in Belgrade: Men’s teams from Italy and Netherlands and Women’s from Croatia.

Mihai BOBOCICA, Leonardo MUTTI, Marco RECH DALDOSSO and Niagol STOYANOV from Italy recorded three straight matches victories in three duels against Switzerland, Estonia and Faroe Islands.

Netherland also has a clean record against Lithuania and Ireland. Gabrielius CAMARA, Tim GRAS, Laurens TROMER and Kas VAN OOST were on duty in Belgrade.

Hana ARAPOVIC, Mateja JEGER, Ivana MALOBABIC and Andrea PAVLOVIC secured the place in Cluj for Croatia after wins over Bulgaria, Norway and Ireland.

In play off for a one remining place in Women’s Event in semifinal Lithuania will meet Turkey, whilst Wales will meet Bulgaria.

You can see the standings here

Two more teams in Cluj: Turkey and Luxembourg

On the end of day two, two more teams booked their place for the final stage of the European Championships. In very impressive way Ibrahim GÜNDÜZ, Batuhan ULUCAK, Abdullah YIGENLER and Tugay YILMAZ cruised through the Group D. They overcame Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Wales in three straight matches duels.

Eric GLOD, Gilles MICHELY Luka MLADENOVIC and Eric THILLEN from team Luxembourg also remained unbeaten on their way to European Championships Cluj. They overcame San Marino and Montenegro 3:0.

In play off semifinal Ireland will meet Israel in only quarter final match. The winner will play against Montenegro. In other semifinal Hungary will meet Switzerland.