Europe Cup Men

Post SV Mühlhausen 1951 e.V. looking for winning way to celebrate its 70th Anniversary at the Final of the Europe Cup

Germany's club Post SV Mühlhausen 1951 e.V. tops the seedings at Final of the Europe Cup to be held in Varaždin, Croatia 12th-15th May 2021. Post SV Mühlhausen 1951 e.V. qualified for the Europe Cup as the relegated club from the Champions League Men final tournament played at the end of the last year in Dusseldorf. By the same criteria, Czech Republic's TTC Enfireex Ostrava, French AS Pontoise Cergy TT, Austria's SPG Walter Wels and Irun Leka Enea Marpex from Spain, all found their place in the Europe Cup final through Champions League.

The list goes on with Spain's CTT Borges, Austria's Solex-Consult Wiener Neustadt, Croatia's STK Libertas Marinkolor, Italy's Top Spin Messina, Slovakia's SK Vydrany, Romania's CSS-SZAK Odorheiu Secuiesc, Hungary's PTE PEAC Kalo-Meh and Russia's TTSC UMMC-ELEM

"We are looking forward to the Europe Cup and we are happy with the possibility to play the Cup in these trouble times. The team is ready for the cup. Since the TTBL German national league finished in the middle of March, we have enough time to prepare well," said team's Manager Thomas STECHER. "This year, in May, our Club is celebrating the 70th birthday – so the team likes to make a very fine gift to the whole club."

The team will be presented by the International stars Daniel HABESOHN, Ovidiu IONESCU, Steffen MENGEL, Lubomir JANCARIK lead by Coach Erik Schreyer.

Css-Szak Odorheiu Secuiesc booked their place in the final after the First round of the Europe Cup played at the end of the March.

"We are very proud to reach the final tournament of Europe Cup in Varazdin, to be part of this great competition with very strong clubs. Everyone in the team looking forward to the start of the Final. At this moment we hope we will have success in the group stage and to be able to reach the quarterfinal," said Css-Szak Odorheiu Secuiesc Team Manager István GYÖRGY.

The club is doing fine at the home front in Romania as well.

"We are in the semi final of the National League this year. It was very long season with two tournaments with eight clubs playing against each other. However it was also a fruitful season since we reached the medal already," concluded István GYÖRGY.

PTE PEAC Kalo Meh's Team Manager Robert DUDAS will depend on Zsolt PETO, Demeter Lehel GYARFAS, Gabor GEROLD and David MOLNAR in Varazdin to reach the best of eight clubs in Croatia.

"Our players are from different cities and pandemic situations do not allow us to have trainings together, but so far we showed good shape in National league in Hungary. We are currently second and hopefully at beginning of the June we will have the success in the final," said Team Manager Robert DUDAS.

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