160 participants attended the first Development webinar Para TT and Match Officials

ETTU Para TT Committe and Umpires and Referee Committee started a new initiative to strengthen the cooperation and to support match officials, coaches and players in their knowledge about rules, regulations and procedure in Para-events.

The panelists in this development webinar have been real experts in this field:Alena KANOVA, winner of four Paralympic medals and Gorazd VECKO, responsible as coach for nine Paralympic medals together with Asko RASINEN, ETTU URC member and umpire for more than 30 years, and Karen TONGE, Member of the British Paralympic Association National Council and also more than 30 years umpire and referee.

They presented the specific procedures in the Call Area but also the ICC card and had an interesting discussion about the service rules for wheelchair players. It was a good mixture of presentation and discussion.

Chairman of the Para Committee Alessandro ARCIGLI said: "This initiative was a good start for a close cooperation between Para and URC and we will hopefully meet soon face to face to even intensify the good work."

Gorazd VECKO added: "Without officials there is no table tennis possible on a professional level. Sometimes there is disagreement between coaches, players and officials but it is never on a personal level. Thanks to all officials for their work. And we all should always keep in mind: All Para athletes want to be treated as professional athletes and not as disabled"

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