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Welcome to WTT Macau

World Table Tennis announced that it will stage a special, promotional showcase WTT Macau between 25-29 November 2020, which will offer a first glimpse into the future of the sport. WTT, which is responsible for all of the global commercial and event business, was set up in order to elevate the sport to exciting new heights by taking a fresh look at the way table tennis events are run.


After many months of planning behind the scenes, WTT is ready to put on a show in Macau and provide an opportunity for players, fans and broadcasters to experience a teaser of what to expect when WTT launches its first annual calendar of events in 2021. WTT Macau boasts a thrilling, original playing format and will showcase many of the sport's biggest stars in brand-new WTT surrounds. It's a moment that is certain to catch the eye and leave a special legacy for the sport.


"WTT Macau is our opportunity to show the world just what an incredible transformation our sport will be going through in the World Table Tennis era, and to demonstrate how we are elevating table tennis into one of the greatest sporting properties on the planet. This has always been my dream, ever since my playing days, and now is our chance to start making this dream a reality," –  said LIU Guoliang, WTT Council Chair


"WTT Macau will be a table tennis show like no other before it. We know just how excited our star players are to be starting this journey with us and we are looking forward to entertaining our millions of fans around the world, who have heard so much about WTT. After months of waiting to see what this is all about, the time has come to raise the curtain for our first ever exhibition of World Table Tennis," added Steve DAINTON, WTT Director & ITTF CEO


It's a blockbuster line-up for WTT Macau with 16 of the world's best male and 16 of the world's best female players invited to set the stage alight. Just like stars in the night sky, our athletes will be coming from all corners of the globe and gathering in Macau to entertain sports fans the world over. Players will be announced in the coming weeks.


The Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion will be the setting for WTT Macau. Located at the centre of the Macau peninsula, it is the region's go-to venue for indoor sports and will be where so many of table tennis' top international stars will gather and battle it out for WTT honours.

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