Champions League Men

Trinko KEEN will join De Boer Taverzo in Europe

Netherland's De Boer Taverzo will meet Spain's Leka Enea TDM in the opening round of the Table Tennis Champions League Men after the long break caused by COVID 19 Pandemic.


"The club has been closed in between March and July 1st. Before the club was re-opened luckily the top players could start a little earlier at National Training Centers. Although those has been closed for a while as well. This ment some of the players saw their family a lot more than they were used too and also had to pick up running or biking to stay fit," explained Manager Ruud van GRAAFEILAND.


The training started on a first day allowed by the City and Government, at July 1st, with all needed protocols for all members.


"Primarly there are a lot of basic rules with Hygiene and Social Distancing. This means the number of people inside of the club is limited and during matches the spectators are not allowed to scream or cheer."


 What is your plan for near future?


"The quarantine rules associated with travel will be the most challenging. As more and more localized measures are taken, it can be difficult to travel. So far all our players are free to travel between, home, national training center(s) and our club. But for now, like a lot of people we try to find the answers for International Sport Events."


 Which players will play in Europe this season?


"Laurens TROMER and ZHOU Xijun left and we decided not to contract players outside Europe for this season. It is complicated enough. Yannick VOSTES and Dorian NICOLLE stayed and Gabrielius CAMARA will get his chances in Europe this year. Alex NAUMI of Finland and the young Belgium's Tom CLOSSET are new members of our club.Last but not least we are happy that Trinko KEEN will join us in Europe."


What is your comment of the draw


"It is hard to say something about the draw because it will be hard to predict how the teams will look like. Taking a look at travel, we would have preferred to play Sokah Hoboken. At this moment the travel restrictions to and from Spain are a big question mark for us."


Goals for 2020/21?


"First of all I hope the world health situation will get back to normal. At the national level we would like to become champion. We lost the final in 2019 and were no. 1 in the League in 2020 when the league was stopped. It will be challenging with some new teams and players, but for sure we will be one of the favorites. In Europe we aim for a good first round and reach the Group Phase of the Champions League."


Trinko KEEN and Yannick VOSTES both will add a lot of experience to our team. Trinko did play his last match in Europe for our team in the Quarter Final of the ETTU Cup in 2014/2015.


"Growing older and having a professional career outside of the table tennis sport I picked up playing with my friends last two years. I have noticed that my game is still quit competitive but I need something to aim for. Playing in the Champions League and possibly compete for the National Championship singles one last time does give me the drive to prepare. I know I am not within top 20 of the world anymore, but let's call it my last dance in table tennis." KEEN.


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