Champions League Men

Timo BOLL: We can expect very heavy season

Borussia Düsseldorf is in the Group stage of the Table Tennis Champions League Men with French GV Hennebont TT. Like everyone else they had a long break but as soon as situation improved they were on competition tracks.


“In March we have been shocked. Suddenly it was not possible anymore to play any table tennis match or to practice. A few weeks later some players could come back to the training centre. In mid of June all the players in the training group could re-start and since that time the training is going on – all with respect to the health of all players, coaches and people around. Borussia Düsseldorf started in June the tournament series „Düsseldorf Masters" to offer opportunities of playing competitions, not only to practice. Finally several pro took this unique chance. Unfortunately we had injuries of Timo BOLL, Kristian KARLSSON and Ricardo WALTHER so that these guys couldn´t prepare their shape for the upcoming season as we wished to,” explained PR Manager Alexander SCHILLING.


What is the new routine under measures in your country?


“There is no big difference in our routine comparing to the time before Corona. But we do it with less benefit and with more efforts because of many rules we have to follow as wearing masks, staying at least 1,5m away from each other, using disinfection for hands etc.”


What is your plan for near future?


“The German Bundesliga has started in the first week of the September. We know how important this is for every club, for the players, for the fans. So we hope that the season will run on a good way. We are looking forward to TTCL season which will be different to National league because of travelling in Europe, travelling in countries with high infection rates. We think that we have to find another way to play this TTCL season 2020/21. “


The line-up of Borussia Düsseldorf is nearly the same as last: Timo BOLL, Kristian KARLSSON, Ricardo WALTHER, Anton KÄLLBERG and Kamal ACHANTA will play for the club in Europe this season. Omar ASSAR left to Hennebont.


In the Group stage favorites from Germany will play onl against two clubs.


“It is not allowed to lose one match to reach the semifinals. And this will be very interesting for all favorites. Hennebont is strong and we had many duels in the past. The second team in the group we don´t know so far.”


Timo BOLL: „It will be a very interesting season. The last one was influenced by Covid 19 and the new one will also influenced by this virus. No one knows what will be in four weeks, in three months, next summer. If the Olympic Games will take place, World and European Championships, the new ITTF-Competitions, TTCL, Bundesliga and Cup - the schedule will be very, very full of dates. Then it will be a heavy year." 




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