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SH-ITB Budaörs Sport Club developing their own infrastructure

The president of the Budaörs Sport Club Gergely SOMLYÓ was, incredibly happy to comment on their new acquisition - Georgina POTA


“It is a great honour for a sports leader and also for the association that an athlete of this level has chosen us” expressed Gergely SOMLYÓ. “Beyond the honour, I think it is a responsibility and an opportunity. It is our responsibility to try to maintain this ‘success-story’. The opportunity is that, in addition to the results, we try to achieve our main goal, which is to prove that a competitive sports association that a specifically targets elite sport has the right to exist in Hungary, as it is important to have a club that can represent Hungarian table tennis on international level.”


In addition to the arrival of Georgina PÓTA, another joyful topic was included in the press conference. It was announced that the construction of the new sports hall in Budaörs had received a ’green light’ by the ministry.


“We are in the middle of the work, I really would like to have the sports hall in Budaörs to be operational by the end of next year” Roland NÁTRÁN, president of the Hungarian Table Tennis Association, shared his hopes. “This will be the home not only of the Budaörs Sports Club, but also of an international ping-pong infrastructure that can develop the Hungarian sports life, the Hungarian ping-pong life, by attracting many foreign players. In addition, besides the amount of help it will give to the club, this can also help the work of the Hungarian national team.”


The president of MOATSZ (Hungarian Table Tennis Associations) added: according to their calculations, the building can be financed from 400-500 million forints, but the area on which it will be built has a value of billions, and this area will be made available by the city of Budaörs for investment.


The mayor of Budaörs, who is trying to get as many people as possible to support the club and the department, was also present at the press conference.


“One of the goals of today's event was to try to break through the barrier I see in many areas, including NGOs and sports associations” said Tamás WITTINGHOFF. “So, our goal is to involve as many sponsors as possible. I think the results that these girls are achieving, and those being broadcasted on television all over the world, can provide a pretty good advertising space for the supporters, so I encourage them, this time as well, to do so.”


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