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Champions League Men - 4 Sep 2020

Liam PITCHFORD: it will be a different situation than everybody expected

Photo: Players of the TTSC UMMC had pre-season training at Elbrus (Caucasus mountains) which is the highest mountain in Russia

TTC UMMC international players resumed training when it became allowed in their countries. Russian players from UMMC started training in June.


“Each region of Russia has its own epidemiological rules, depending on the current situation. On the territory of the Sverdlovsk region, where the TTC UMMC is located, the participants of all competitions must provide certificates of the absence of coronavirus. Opening and closing ceremonies are also prohibited,” explained Anastasia BELOVA. "Our athletes are training hard for tournaments. We are ready to take part in all competitions that will be held."


In the new season, Jonathan GROTH, Liam PITCHFORD, Tomislav PUCAR and Alexander TIUTRIUMOV will play in the UMMC main team. Andrej GACINA and Alexander SHIBAEV left the team.


"We are pleased with the outcome of the draw in the Table Tennis Champions League Men, it will be interesting for us to play with the team Sporting. We are always after the best results, and we will strive for victories in all tournaments in which we will take part."


Liam PITCHFORD added regarding the following challenges in new season:" Of course it will be a different situation than everybody expected to be in coming in to the new season so I hope that we can find a safe way to play the matches and start to compete again. We have a strong team with players that I know very well so I'm looking forward to playing with them and I think if we are all in good shape we can compete to be winning titles!"

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