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Largest specialized table tennis hall in the Czech Republic opened in Havířov

Photo: Petr Sznapka

Czech Republic National Table Tennis Training Center was officially opened yesterday. From the end of June 2020, already, players began to use the indoor facilities of the venue in Havířov under strict hygienic conditions. In July the women's national teams from Poland and Hungary, as well as the men's team from Austria, trained in the hall. The first tournaments took place in August. Natalia PARTYKA from Poland, Maria MIGOT from France and Neven CEGNAR, Development manager of European Table Tennis Union also trained in the hall.


The grand opening was attended by President of Moravian-Silesian Region Mr. Ivo VONDRAK, Mayor town of Havirov Mr. Josef BELICA, president of Czech TTA Mr.Zbyněk SPACEK and  ETTU Vice-president Mr. Nikolas ENDAL.


The management of the association have been talking about the construction of the National Training Center for many years. It was necessary for further improvement of the training of athletes not only of the Havířov club, but especially for camps of national teams of all categories.


"We have assembled a team of experienced coaches, most of whom work for the Czech national team. Players regularly train under the leadership of Josef PLACHÝ, Petr NEDOMA, Renáta ŠTRBÍKOVÁ, Marek KLÁSEK, Kamil KOUTNÝ, Ján MEDVECKÝ or Marek ČÍHÁK. And fitness coach Patrik KAIZAR is also available," said Nikolas ENDAL, Czech Table Tennis Association 1st Vice President and ETTU Vice President.


In addition, the center offers the possibility of sports for the public. It has a regular floorball court, there is the opportunity to play tennis, badminton and many other indoor sports. The area of sports facilities is 2000 square meters and it is possible to place up to thirty-two tables. The background offers area of 1500 square meters.


The sports hall is built on a so-called green field. It is the largest specialized table tennis hall in the Czech Republic.


"I dare to say that not only in the Czech Republic. Its parameters are among the five largest and most modern sports facilities for national table tennis centers in Europe. The construction cost over 4.5 million euros and the costs were paid through subsidies from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the state, from the Statutory City of Havířov, the Moravian - Silesian Region and the SKST Havířov club itself," continues Nikolas ENDAL.


He admits that the intention to build a modern stand for table tennis has always been his dream.


"I have been working as a manager of the Havířov table tennis club for twenty years. All this time I had a big dream to create a specialized hall for this sport in Havířov. A hall that matches its parameters with similar centers in Europe. I believe it will become a popular training center, not only for Czech players, but also that foreign clubs and national teams will come to us. The first weeks have shown that everyone likes the hall and appreciates its quality, equipment and, above all, its dimensions. There is no such thing in the Czech Republic."


Several modern sports grounds not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the Moravian-Silesian Region, have grown in recent years. The National Table Tennis Training Center is one of them. Table tennis has a huge tradition in this region and with the construction of the National Table Tennis Training Center it has gained a unique sports ground that can be envied throughout the Czech Republic. The complex includes accommodation for athletes, a bistro for athletes, a rehabilitation line, a gym, a video analysis room, and office space for employees of the Czech Table Tennis Association.


Photo: Petr Sznapka

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