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Big venue, gift for the TMK-TAGMET Taganrog fans

Photo: Andrey LYZ

The new season is another déjà vu for TMK-TAGMET Taganrog (RUS). The club experienced similar situation in the 2014/2015 season when they joined the European League for the first time and it resembles the time when TMK-TAGMET from Taganrog played for the first time in the European Cup.


“However, for the start in the European Cup we were technically prepared and we expected to play in that event, whilst participation in the European Champions League was a surprise for us and the club is not quite ready technically for the strongest European League,” explained coach Sergey BELOVOL.


This primarily concerns the arena


“Our matches will not be played in our home and successful arena "Admiral", but in another venue, which complies with the European Champions League regulations on the number of seats. There are some other technical difficulties concerned more stringent requirements for matches in the Champions League. We are working and we hope that we will have time to do everything before the start of the games.”


Club always try to pay maximum attention to local audience.


“At every international match TMK-Tagmet fans creates a full house. Taganrog spectators were expecting the semifinal match for the European Cup, which was not destined to take place due to the pandemic. Therefore, a more spacious arena, as well as the arrival of the best clubs in Europe will be a reward for the audience for almost half a year of absence of table tennis in Taganrog. We hope that the local restriction on the number of spectators in the sports tribunes will be removed by the first match of the League.”


Coach Sergey BELOVOL is pleased to announce that this summer a new arena has been opened on the ground of the Tagmet enterprise for the employees of the enterprise including a table tennis training hall.


“We cannot say for sure that the training and tournament level is similar to the semi-final level of the 2019/2020 season. For example, unlike Austria, just the other day the decision to cancel the Russian Cup was published. Although this is not due to the pandemic, but to a large number of postponed events and as a consequence the planned arena is very busy according to the schedule.”


The TMK-TAGMET team is in the position 2 in group C. The no. one in this group is TT Saint Quentinois from France, and Taganrog fans are already waiting for Polina MIKHAILOVA's team.


“Regarding the composition of the TMK-TAGMET team for the 2020/2021 season. We, like some other European clubs are limited only on local players from Russia. The experienced and reliable Yulia PROKHOROVA is still with us, obviously progressing Anastasia KOLISH and the most successful player of the 2019/2020 European Cup quarterfinals TMK-TAGMET vs SH–ITB Budaörsi 2i SC Margarita FETUKHINA stayed also. This season they will be accompanied by Olga KULIKOVA. This is the main composition. A few more players will be in reserve.”


The club's goals for the 2020/2021 season?


“It is difficult for a newcomer to the League to plan something. In the European Champions League 2020/2021, TMK-TAGMET will first of all strive to confirm the high European rating.”


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