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Member Associations - 2 Oct 2020

Vladimir SAMSONOV and Petra PETEK clinched gold at the Zagreb Open

Vladimir Samsonov and Petra Petek are the winners of this year's Zagreb Open. It was not a tournament like in previous years, it lasted shorter, the competition was not as strong as in previous years, but it is important that the tournament is held, that there were foreign players. And finally, the legendary SAMSONOV played in the tournament, which still gives extra weight.


In the men's singles finals competition SAMSONOV was better than Frane Kojić (3:1).

“ Certainly commendable that the Croatian Table Tennis Association decided to organize a tournament. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are no tournaments, but we in Europe have to start, to do something. Yes, we should be careful and listen to the instructions of the competent persons, but if there is a possibility, it would be nice to start playing tournaments, to organize competitions. Tennis has shown that international tournaments can be organized, as well as some other sports, so why wouldn't table tennis go that way” said legendary Samsonov, who has won this tournament five times  last time in 2006.


Frane KOJIĆ was not unsatisfied, despite the defeat in the final.


“I'm sorry that in the end I failed to implement tactical ideas from coach KARKOVIĆ, if I had succeeded I might have dragged this match to the fifth set. But I am satisfied with the performance. I have to congratulate the leadership of the Federation, led by President Zlatko POSPIŠ, Director Renato ČENGIĆ, the Secretary General Žarko RATKOVIĆ and other people from the Federation because they have brought this tournament to a fine level. This year, unfortunately, tournament wasn't so strong, the situation is specific. I took advantage of that situation and won second place” said KOJIĆ.


In the women's singles category the title went to a Croatian Petra PETEK. Firstly, in the semifinals, she was two games down against Ivana MALOBABIĆ, but she managed to recover to win the match. In the finals with the Romanian Tania PLAIAN, she led 2:0 and in the end she won in the fifth set.


“When I came, I didn't expect too much. Even when I saw the main draw I wasn't thrilled. It was a difficult match in the semifinals. In the finals I took a 2:0 lead, but after that I stopped, some fear crept in. No, I overcame the fear in the end and won against the Romanian player. This is definitely the biggest trophy in my career” said Petek.
In the competition for under-21s, Croatian Ivor BAN and Romanian Tania PLAIAN won the title on Thursday.


Men's, semifinals: SAMSONOV (BLR) - KOLAREK (CRO) 3: 0 (2, 10, 5), Lupulescu (SRB) - Kojić (CRO) 2: 3 (13, 10, -6, -5, -5); finals: SAMSONOV - Kojić 3: 1 (-8, 7, 8, 9)

Women's, semifinals: MALOBABIĆ (CRO) - Petek (CRO) 2: 3 (10, 7, - 9, -9, -10), Plaian (ROU) - Mohnačeva (RUS) 3: 0 (7, 9.7) ; finals: Friday - Plaian 3: 2 (6, 9, -10, -9, 9)


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