Europe Youth Top-10

Felix LEBRUN crowned cadet’s champion in Berlin


Cadet Boys Event at the European Youth Top 10


With almost perfect run – six wins and only one defeat, Felix LEBRUN clinched gold at the European Youth Top 10 in Berlin. He finished at the top spot after three days of play. Top three seeds from Romania, failed to reach gold. Iulian CHIRITA and Andrei Teodor ISTRATE finished the competition at the position two and three. Top seed Darius MOVILEANU is fourth.


They both suffered by the hands of Felix LEBRUN who made one history milestone. French player is the first pen hold grip player to win this tournament. Felix lost only one match – against Mateusz ZALEWSKI of Poland. Polish player is fifth in Berlin, with two defeats against Andrei Teodor ISTRATE and Darius MOVILEANU.


“I had problem with his service game. Struggling with the receive. He forced me into mistakes. He is very aggressive player,” explained Felix.


Felix showed very mature game. And beside this defeat he did not allowed any other upsets.


“The hardest day was today. I won both matches, but I was very nervous. I felt great pressure.”


What is the plan for future?


“ I will return to trainings in my club Montpellier and hope that soon we will be able to travel to tournaments.”



Final Standings

Felix LEBRUN France 6/1

Iulian CHIRITA Romania 5/2

Andrei Teodor ISTRATE Romania 5/2

Darius MOVILEANU Romania 5/2

Mateusz ZALEWSKI Poland 4/3

Daniel BERZOSA Spain 1/6

Lleyton ULLMANN Germany 1/6

Jakub GOLDIR Slovakia 1/6


Round 7

Mateusz ZALEWSKI - Iulian CHIRITA 0:3 (6:11, 8:11, 11:13)

Felix LEBRUN - Lleyton ULLMANN 3:0 (11:2, 11:8, 11:9)

Daniel BERZOSA - Darius MOVILEANU 0:3 (9:11, 2:11, 11:13)

Jakub GOLDIR - Andrei Teodor ISTRATE 1:3 (4:11, 10:12, 11:9, 7:11)


Round 6

Iulian CHIRITA - Felix LEBRUN 2:3 (13:11, 6:11, 8:11, 12:10, 11:13)

Darius MOVILEANU - Mateusz ZALEWSKI 3:2 (11:9, 6:11, 11:8, 4:11, 11:7)

Lleyton ULLMANN - Jakub GOLDIR 3:0 (11:8, 11:9, 11:6)

Andrei Teodor ISTRATE - Daniel BERZOSA 3:1 (11:6, 13:11, 7:11, 11:8)