Europe Youth Top-10

European champion MOVILEANU on duty in Berlin

Photo: ITTF

Cadet Boys Event at the European Youth Top 10


European champion in singles from the 2019 European Youth Championships in Ostrava, Darius MOVILEANU of Romania will lead the seeding list in Cadet category at the 2020 European Youth To 10. Darius is the reigning champion from Noordwijk 2019.


“I spent the break caused by Pandemic at home with my family, following the rules imposed by the government. I was among the lucky people, because I had at home a tennis table and there I’ve trained with a robot,” revealed MOVILEANU.


Young champion already felt the heat from competition after the break.


“The first competition after a seven-month break was the National Senior Team Championship in the second week of September. I won it alongside my teammates from CSA Steaua Bucharest.”


However MOVILEANU admitted he cannot wait to start playing at the international tournament.


“My current shape is very good and I can't wait to play again in the international competitions. My goal in Berlin is to win again the Europe Youth Top 10,” announced Darius.


Beside two titles at the biggest European youth events, Darius won gold in singles last year at the World Cadet Challenge 2019 in Poland’s Wladyslawowo.


“I expect the level of the competition in Berlin will be high. I think the competition will be very tough, because all matches will be played between the best 10 players in Europe. At this point I can say that there is one very dangerous adversary – all the players are dangerous.”


At the seedings, below Darius MOVILEANU are two his two compatriots Iulian CHIRITA and Andrei Teodor BERZOSA ISTRATE. From the fourth position to tenth position are Daniel BERZOSA (Spain), Sergey RYZHOV (Russia), Mateusz ZALEWSKI (Poland), Jakub GOLDIR (Slovakia), Gabrielius CAMARA (Netherlands), Lleyton ULLMANN (Germany) and Felix LEBRUN (France).


Second seed CHIRITA is European vice champion and against him Darius has positive record, as well as against almost all other adversaries in Berlin.


“At the official tournaments I beat him twice and lost one match. Andrei ISTRATE, on the other side, beat me once and he is the only one I have negative score. I won against ZALEWSKI twice; I have same record against LEBRUN and GOLDIR. I beat CAMARA and I never have played against Sergey RYZOV,” reported Darius.



Junior Girls Singles Event: Isa COK and Prithika PAVADE (France), Elizabet ABRAAMIAN (Russia), Sophia KLEE (Germany), Darya KISEL (Belarus), Elena ZAHARIA (Romania), Natalia MALININA (Russia), Linda ZADEROVA (Czech Republic), Helga DARI (Hungary) and Reka BEZEG (Serbia).


In Cadets Girls Event will play:  Sophie EARLEY (Ireland), Charlotte LUTZ (France), Annett KAUFMANN (Germany), Helena SOMMEROVA (Czech Republic), Anna HURSEY (Wales), Anastasiia BERESNEVA (Russia), Dominika WILTSCHKOVA and Julie VAN HAUWAERT (Belgium).


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