Europe Youth Top-10

Darya KISEL puts her adversaries on severe pressure


Junior Girls Event at the European Youth Top 10 in Berlin


Prithika PAVADE of France and Elena ZAHARIA of Romania did not lose their speed on the second day of the play at the Junior Singles Event at the European Top 10 in Berlin. After six Rounds they are both unbeaten.


Prithika PAVADE won all six matches and tomorrow will play against Germany’s Sophia KLEE and Elena ZAHARIA, whilst Romania’s young star has one match more, because she played only 5 so far. PAVADE beat Helga DARI of Hungary, Linda ZADEROVA of Czech Republic and Darya KISEL of Belarus today.


Darya lost two matches in five encounters. The match against PAVADE lasted unusually short than we expected.


“PAVADE has the game for the players with the defensive style. That is why I had to change my tactics. I had to attack more to change my style and to go with the spin. I gave my best, but she was better,” said KISEL.


It was different story against Sophia KLEE.


“I played with many variations. I felt the ball, I was in good rhythm. I had a good spin,” said Darya.” Tomorrow I have to play against ZAHARIA, COK and BONDAREVA, so I am still long way to go. There are no easy games here.”


KLEE recorded one victory and one defeat today and both matches were very close. Against Linda ZADEROVA of Czech Republic she was stretched to full distance and she suffered first defeat in fifth round against Belarus KISEL.


“For me it is very difficult to play against the players with the defensive style. I knew it will be tough and I also saw my mistakes during the match and I failed to correct it. I had to change my forehand; it went too deep and my racket was in wrong position. Eventually Darya won,” said Sophia.


In the morning part of the program ZADEROVA also put KLEE on the test.


“At the beginning I played very good. I was focused and managed to keep her game under control. Tactically ZADEROVA makes very little mistakes and you have to play on each ball. She proved that in fifth game when I was 8:3 in the lead and she managed to recover. It was 10:10 in split second. She never gives up. I stayed calm and won it but it was difficult match,” explained KLEE.


What about tomorrow?


“I will play against top seeded COK and no. 2 PAVADE, so I am aware I do not have space for single mistake. They will punish every weak ball. I will give my best and I hope for good result.”


Elena ZAHARIA faced match ball in the match against Reka BEZEG of Serbia, but eventually prevailed in five games. Later she overcame DARI and ZADEROVA in straight games.


Junior Girls

Round 6

Elena ZAHARIA- Linda ZADEROVA 3:0 (11:5, 12:10, 11:6)

Prithika PAVADE - Darya KISEL 3:0 (11:8, 15:13, 11:3)

Anastasia BONDAREVA- Reka BEZEG 3:2 (6:11, 11:4, 5:11, 11:5, 11:7)

Isa COK- Helga DARI 3:2 (11:13, 9:11, 11:6, 11:6, 11:7)


Round 5

Linda ZADEROVA - Prithika PAVADE 0:3 (6:11, 3:11, 7:11)

Reka BEZEG- Isa COK 3:2 (11:9, 4:11, 6:11, 11:9, 13:11)

Darya KISEL - Sophia KLEE 3:1 (11:9, 5:11, 11:5, 11:8)

Helga DARI - Elena ZAHARIA 0:3 (5:11, 2:11, 6:11)


Round 4

Isa COK - Anastasia BONDAREVA 1:3 (8:11, 10:12, 11:9, 4:11)

Sophia KLEE - Linda ZADEROVA 3:2 (11:5, 11:13, 11:4, 10:12, 12:10)

Prithika PAVADE - Helga DARI 3:0 (13:11, 11:7, 11:1)

Elena ZAHARIA - Reka BEZEG 3:2 (11:4, 18:20, 5:11, 11:9, 12:10)


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