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The renovated hall at the Peace and Friendship Stadium was handed over to the athletes

During the difficult situation of the second lock down and the suspension of the matches in Greece there is some good news for the table tennis sport. The renovated national hall STIGA at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, which had chronic problems with the floor and lighting, is completely ready. The inauguration was held last week by athletes of the Pre-Olympic team, together with members of the national teams, who, as an exception, have received permission from the General Secretariat of Sports in Greece for training during the lockdown period.


After finding the necessary financial support, the Greek federation quickly and effectively dealt with the serious shortages. Quietly and without big words, they organized and proceeded with the work, which was completed in just over a month. The image inside the venue is now impressive with very high - quality taraflex and not just adequate, but – ideal lighting. The renovation brought some very special novelties for the sport in general, since the space now is not only for training, it can be used for matches and now the best conditions for the athletes are ensured.


The condition of the national hall has been problematic for several years and posed a risk of injury. After tireless efforts, which began in 2016, the Federation received this year financial assistance from the Hellenic Olympic Committee and the stadium's administration.


Initially, the plenary session of H.O.C. unanimously approved this grant and the project started immediately at the end of September. In the meantime, the administration of the stadium Peace and Friendship, fully understanding the situation that had been created, hastened and changed the lighting from conventional to LED at its own expense, as well as carried out its oil painting again at its own expense, greatly alleviating the federation's finances.


National coach Kostas VATSAKLIS described the area as the best in Europe and international athletes now train in a great mood in a modern and safe place.

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