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Executive Board meeting Tuesday 17th November

The ETTU Executive Board under the leadership of President Igor Levitin met virtually on Tuesday 17th November.

The President welcomed European representatives to the ITTF Board of Directors to join the discussions about the forthcoming ITTF Board of Directors meeting. All propositions and resolutions on the agenda were discussed.

The Board discussed a revised budget for 2021 which will be presented to the Congress for approval in January 2021.

An update was received on the Women's and Men's Champions Leagues to be played at Linz and Düsseldorf respectively in December. 11 women's clubs and 15 men's clubs have agreed the new conditions of participation including the establishment of a secure hygienic bubble environment at each competition venue.

An update was received on the 2021 European Team Championships Stage 1 groups. A schedule of groups will be released not later than 1st December. The Covid situation within Europe may necessitate further postponements.

The Board received a presentation from JTA regarding future cooperation project in the areas of strategic planning, content generation, issues management, media relations and media monitoring.

The Board was presented information on the preparations for a tournament for smaller Associations.

The next Executive Board meeting will be held in mid-December.

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