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Slovakia uses online video systems during pandemic

Ivica HATALOVA, secretary general of Slovak Table Tennis Association underlined that the current situation is very complicated during restrictions caused by COVID-19.


“In Slovak Republic we have very strict restrictions imposed by Government. No one can practice officially. Coaches used online video systems and coaching their players via the internet - exercises for balance, improve in fitness. Now is time for lot of things which were neglected – video analysis, etc. We really hope that in about two weeks we will start with the normal table tennis life in our centers. We also hope that the best players will start to practice.”


Secretariat of Slovak Table Tennis Association stayed at “home office” and communicated only during emails and phones.


“Executive Committee of STTA had for first time video conference – it is very good idea for the future since the meetings can be more often. Our best women player – Barbora BALAZOVA is in Germany and she had problems with practice because in German can practice only players in national teams whilst best men player – YANG Wang traveled to China and he had to stay in quarantine for 14 days. Now he has normal table tennis life with everyday practice.”


Lubomir PISTEJ played his last tournament in March.


„From Oman, we headed straight for the mandatory quarantine. I didn't leave the apartment for 15 days, I mainly watched TV, rested, as the season was really demanding and for the last 2-3 years we only had a few options for a short rest. After a few days, however, I started exercising and at least tried to keep up. After quarantine, I also pulled a bicycle out of the garage, which I really enjoy at the moment, and I ride it as often as time allows, which is enough, but I try to dedicate it especially to my children and family,” explained PISTEJ.


Lubomir stated that have no need for extra motivation.


“I know the situation will calm down. Now there is nothing left but to wait and believe that they will soon allow us to train at the table. I really miss that very much. Those two weeks without table tennis are probably really the maximum for me. I also played a few times in the pub, where there is still less space to increase the level than would be required. It is already drawing me to National Table Tennis Center in Bratislava, I am convinced that we will not have to wait long and we will be able to fully prepare again.“