Champions League Men

Omar ASSAR and Anders LIND joined GV Hennebont TT


French GV Hennebont TT lost to the Fakel Gazprom Orenburg in the quarterfinal of the Table Tennis Champions League Men; after that Pandemic forced everyone globally to take a break.


How did you spend past few months?


“We were present on social networks with different sections to make people discover or rediscover the club and our sponsors,” answered Marketing Manager Fabien BOUGUENNEC.


Have you start with trainings.


“In the club not for the moment but our professionals are training in their national team currently.”


BOUGUENNEC announced the club is reinforced for next season.


“For next season, we want same like every season, to fight for title and go as far as we can in champions League. We wil play with Cedric NUYTINCK, Samuel WALKER and two new players Omar ASSAR and Anders LIND.”


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