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Liu Jia returned in LINZ AG Froschberg

After three years, since April 25. 2017 LIU Jia returned to her parent club. "Froschberg-Susi is back home," announced Linz AG bosses GÜNTHER and Robert RENNER, and ÖTTV President Hans FRIEDINGER after the ex-European champion signed the one-year contract.


 "I would like to stay in Froschberg to win my third Champions League title like in 2009 and in 2013, "said the 38-year-old player.


"Corona made it possible", smiled Chairman Günther RENNER.


The postponement of Olympic Games to 2021, forced LIU Jia to look for a new club after three years in Germany with ex-champion Kolbermoor.


"We put together a perfect deal. LIU Jia can optimally prepare for the Olympics in Linz and she will be the club's captain in the Champions League and in the decisive games in the Bundesliga. After, "said sports director Robert RENNER and added:" Susi should weld the new team together and then become a co-manager in the club. We were two club managers and now there will be three. "


LIU Jia was very energetic: “It gives me great pleasure to be back in the Champions League after the Championship title and the Cup win in Germany. I want to end my career with a title. "


Hans FRIEDINGER also underlines: “LIU Jia recently won the Top of Austria Challenge, her advertising value; her prominence and her name are inextricably linked to Linz AG Froschberg. It's perfect for public relations and can fill the hall in the Champions League. "



Froschberg is in third place for the new Champions League season, LZ Linz Froschberg is in second place in the Europe Cup.


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