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Champions League Women - 4 Jun 2020

LINZ AG Froschberg prepares more surprises

Austria’s LINZ AG Froschberg reached the semi final of the European Champions League Women this year. Because of the Pandemic they could not fight for the title this year alongside TT Saint Quentinois, KTS Enea Siarka Tarnobrzeg and TTC Berlin Eastside, but by welcoming back LIU Jia in the club, they revealed their ambitions for the next one.


“From 13. March on we had to stop our table tennis routine. More than one month ago the Austrian National Team members could start again to practice under hard hygienic restrictions.The rest of the season was canceled because of the unsure reopening of the borders. It was the right thing to do because there is no real WECL match possible as long as players from other continents can`t come and also travel within European countris is not easy so far,” said President Günther RENNER.


Marketing Manager Robert RENNER announced.


“We`ll play WECL next season again, because it`s just the best possible League to be part of. The new rules, e.g. late registration of players, and late start in the season is absolutely brilliant concerning the Corona circumstances. The crisis had a immense financial impact on us, we lost approximately 80% of the media value. We hope that all the clubs will somehow survive the crisis and fight again for the prestigious crown of the Champions League. After LIU Jia`s homecoming we are ready to beat whoever might come in our way.”


Robert RENNER added that the further details on club’s line up will be published later.



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