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GROTH made a proposal during Corona and Ann-Sophie said yes

In the beginning of the March Table Tennis Denmark was in a very good and optimistic shape. The Association had the highest number of members in 25 years. The last year the number of members increased with 13%.


But after that…Denmark closed March the 12th and all sports activities were not allowed any longer. Now it seems that the numbers of infection of the Corona virus is going down.


The President of the Danish Association Anders MØLGAARD said: “The shot down of the social, business and economic activities in Denmark is slowly being withdrawn. The first phase started 14th April with no sport including. The second phase started 10th May with selected outdoor sport and phase 3 will start 8th June and we hope that table tennis will be included in phase 3.”


If that will be the case, the clubs will be able to return to the club- and the training facilities on the 8th June with some limitations to socializing.


“Our professional players, who are a part of the national team and practice under the national organization "Team Denmark" were allowed to return in the beginning of May. The situations for players, who is not included in the Team Denmark group, the situation is still uncertain.”


In Denmark, officials expect all tournaments and match play to be suspended until earliest August and for tournament probably longer. Association have stopped all leagues and they will not be opened again for the season 2019/2020. There will not be named national champions in the Danish leagues this season. 


It has been a strange life for the national players.


“It is strange to be home,” said the best Danish player Jonathan GROTH. “Normally we are travelling round in the whole world, and now I have been home in two month. The worst is the uncertainty. When can we play again ? Fortunately we have been allowed to practice in the Danish Head Center in Brøndby from this week. In the beginning of the close down I practiced a lot physical . Now I practice five times table tennis and five times physical in the week. Denmark have done of other outdoor sports like mountain bike, badminton and tennis and some.”


The best ranked Danish player continued:


“I really hope we can start playing tournaments after the summer period. I will play again this year for the Russian club UMMC in the Champions League. We were in the semifinals and were quite disappointed, when the tournament was cancelled. My hope is we can start playing international in September and may be European championships during the autumn. I am happy I have qualified for the Olympics, so I do not have the stress to play qualification but can plan my preparations in time.”


Life is not only sport. Jonathan GROTH has also used his time in a proper manner and been on his knees to make a proposal – and she said yes. Jonathan GROTH and Ann-Sophie JEAN will marry next year after the Olympics.

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