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Federation of Latvia has good news: The trainings are back on

Photo: Aksels AMBERGS

It seems there is almost no other topic: Corona has us firmly in its grip. The combined forces of media, economic paralysis, and politicians under pressure all but ensure that ever more uncertainty is spreading. But now the Table Tennis Federation of Latvia has good news: from May 12 practice is allowed in sports halls for groups fewer than 25 persons including a professional coach.


The boarders of Baltic countries will be open. Before that Latvia’s national team players used their own possibilities to organize individual training processes. Best junior players Sabina MUSAEVA and Daniels KOGANS can use the opportunities which give them STAG – official national sponsor of our team.


The video with Daniel performance "While in quarantine, learn better ways to use the corridors" you can see here


Ina JOZEPSONE, the president of Table Tennis Federation of Latvia said:


“We need now to focus not only to the national team needs, but also put an eye to the situation with our clubs, sport schools, leisure and veteran players. Most of them will have different problems after the situation will back to normal. We understand that the cancellation of our domestics' competitions will impact greatly on the table tennis community but we are all in uncertain times together and we must put the health and safety first. The federation board needs to find the new dates for postponed competitions, especially for NETU veterans Championships, which was postponed from April. Of course, we are closely monitoring the situation and we do hope and wish to find the new dates for XX North European Veteran Table Tennis Championships later in the year if the situation gets back to normal. The health of all our members, players, sponsors, friends, and staff remains the key priority for the Table Tennis Federation of Latvia at this time of great uncertainty.”





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